Porsche East London

Client: Porsche.
Location: East London.

Wall to wall cabinetry was key in designing a workshop that was clean aesthetically, but more importantly, it had the future proofing that will enable their Technicians to maintain a tidy working environment. Cabinetry features included, oil, air, and water, available to hand at the point of need. Integrated I.T, and electrical outlets which also included 3 phase charging for their Hybrid vehicles all added to the functionality. Bullworthy’s design also included provision for the deposit of waste materials and with the inclusion of tall cabinets, areas were created for waste oil drainers to be neatly stowed when not in use. All in all, many unique features were incorporated, that only comes from understanding the products and the client’s vision. Rotary two post lifts with integrated 13amp power outlets as well as the facility for compressed air were all part of the project design in keeping each work area free from trailing leads, making work-space, work safely.