Robins & Day Chingford

Client: Robins & Day Peugeot.
Location: Chingford.

The main workshop design centered around eight x 4 tonne, two post hydraulic Rotary lifts which was complemented by a further two x 5 tonne two post hydraulic lifts. To give Peugeot Citroen a wide scope of vehicle lifting capability the inclusion of two x 3 tonne recessed scissor platforms was also added. The dedicated tyre changing and wheel balancing bay received its own mid-rise scissor platform thereby completing the versatility and flexibility that was needed for the right now and well into the future. Each Rotary vehicle lift was selected for its “In-Bay” design. This allowed compressed air to be routed directly inside one of the columns. This design also included the facility to route electrical power in the same fashion. A unique and ergonomic solution to negate trailing leads, therefore, removing trip hazards.

Our design didn’t stop at the main workshop. A separate MOT area comprising of dual class 7 ATL was also part of this stunning workshop. Working with the principal contractor and the Architect, the engineering was created to recess two x 5 tonne 4 post platforms. Class 7 Brake Test Beds with integrated suspension testers. With the addition of recessed side slip detector plates the two MOT lanes didn’t look as though they were just supplied, they looked, designed to be supplied. Dual monitors in each lane increased the functionality and ergonomic operation of this MOT area.