Vindis Van Centre Northampton

Client: Vindis Van Centre.
Location: Northampton.

The original workshop was completed by Bullworthy in 2012 but sadly just before the Christmas break in 2014, the van centre workshop sustained an immense amount of damage following a fire. This required several months of renovation and hard work to bring the van centre back into full operational order this spring.

T.R.Bullworthy Ltd once again furnish the workshops with top brand, heavy duty equipment. Replacement Rotary commercial two post lifts were installed along with a full new extraction system, new wheel care equipment, new air system and PC monitored oil dispensing system. A costs effective twin MARK compressor system was also installed to serve both the 26 bay Audi workshop next door and the 6 bay van centre. Vindis VW Van Centre is now fully operational and open for business to the public once more.