Fixed Systems For Dust Extraction

Fixed systems for extracting dust

The fixed systems for extracting dust generated by primer and stucco sanding consist of service units (arms, panels, hanging heads, units, …), and of extraction turbines that are connected to them by aluminium pipelines.

Extraction is performed by flexible hoses connected to the orbital polishers that sand the surfaces but permit extraction of the resulting dust.. directly at source!

Depending on the type of work area in which sanding takes place, it is possible to use arms, units or wall panels to connect the extraction hose and centralize extracting with a high-pressure turbine positioned outside the work area.


Turbines to extract and filter sanding dust and bodywork dust. Download
Aluminium pipelines for extracting dust. Download
Swivel arms for distribution of electric, pneumatic services, and dust extraction. Download
Spring recoil hose reel for cleaning systems. Download


Mobile hanging units to supply electric and pneumatic energy to the work areas. Download
Wall mounted multifunctional panels. Download
Wall-mounted extraction socket. Download