Emergency Equipment

NiMH Battery Electrolyte Spill Neutrallisation Kit.

Specifically designed to neutralise the strong ALKALI found in metal hydride batteries. Kit includes:-
Boric Acid Powder, Alkali Resistant Gauntlets, Disposable Apron, Protective Glasses, Litmus Paper, Instructions.

First Aid Kit For Burns.

Ensures rapid treatment of injury caused by electric arc flash. Contains scissors, Low adherent dressings, bandages, saline mini pods, burn gel sachets and dressings.

First Aid Kit to BS8599-1:2019.

Produced to the latest standard introduced in 2019. Ideal as a local area kit of the main first aid kit for businesses with 1-10 employees.

First Aid Kit for Lithium Battery Acid Skin Contact.

Electrolyte spills from Lithium batteries react with air and water to produce Hydrofluoric Acid, an extremely hazardous liquid. If skin is exposed to Hydrofluoric Acid this can rapidly burn through to bones removing calcium from them and vital organs, potentially lethal. Normal sterile wash products will not neutralise Hydrofluoric acid!