PPE Safety Equipment

Face Shield with Electric Arc Visor.

The face shield with electric arc visor has extended chin and head protection to minimise injuries caused by electric arc flash burns. Complies with EN166, EN169 and EN170 safety standards.

Face Shield Protective Storage Bag.

The face shield protective storage bag to store the face shield and prevent scratching of the transparent visor.

Electrically Insulating Dielectric Safety Over Boots.

Electrically insulating dielectric over boots give high voltage protection of up to 20kV. Approved to current European standards and with a fuel and oil resistant vulcanized rubber sole which has up to 30% better grip than traditional safety boots.

Class 0 Electrical Insulating Rubber Safety Gloves.

Class 0 electrical insulating rubber safety gloves provide protection up to 1,000v, the mandatory requirement for technicians working on Electric and Hybrid vehicles. Complies with EN60903/IEC 60903:2002 standards.


Cotton Under Gloves x10 Pairs.

Cotton under gloves should be worn underneath the electrical insulating safety gloves to improve comfort and hygiene. The use of cotton under gloves also improves the fit of the safety gloves and improves dexterity.

Leather Over Gloves x10 Pairs.

Leather Over Gloves are designed to be worn over Class 0 Electrical Insulating Safety Gloves. They provide additional mechanical protection, improved grip and protect against oil contamination.

Electrical Safety Glove Storage Case.

The electrical safety glove storage case should be used to keep the Class 0 electrical insulating safety gloves, leather over gloves and cotton under gloves in good condition. This case can hold 2 complete sets of safety gloves. Dimensions 40 x 30 x 10cm.

Electrical Safety Glove Kit With Storage Case.

Choose from medium, large or extra large size. Kit contains:-

  • 1 x Pair DIG6900 Rubber Insulating Gloves.
  • 1 x Pair LOG6910 Leather Over Gloves.
  • 10 x Pairs CUG6915 Cotton Under Gloves.

Electrical Insulating Rubber Matting to IEC 61111.

Manufactured to the international standard IEC6111 Class 0, offers protection up to 1,000 volts. Produced with a ribbed profile to aid electrical discharge and improve anti-slip properties. Available in three sizes.

Cable End Shrouds with Grip Collars – 3 piece set.

Protect uninsulated cable ends, connectors and lugs, providing 1,000 volt insulation. The flexible gripping collar ensures a positive fit on cables and prevents damage to the cable insulation. Three shrouds supplied.

1 x 15mm dia X 1 x 100mm long, 1 x 25mm dia X 1 x 110mm long, 1 x 35mm dia X 130mm long.

Insulated Rescue Pole.

The electrically insulated rescue pole with hook is 1.65 meters long and rated to 45kV. Designed to safely remove victims of electric shock from danger. Supplied with wall mounting brackets.