Storage Equipment

ProStore First Aid & PPE Shadow Panel Storage Board Fully Equipped.

Supplied with safety critical PPE and First Aid products needed when carrying out Electric and Hybrid vehicle maintenance and repair. Printed on durable 10mm thick polymer panel, measuring 100 x 75cm. The recommended sequence for the safe de-energsing of Electric and Hybrid is also displayed on the panel. Supplied with 1 pair Dielectric Safety Gloves (M, L or XL), 1 pair Leather Over-gloves (M, L or XL), Fist Aid Kit for burns, First Aid Kit to BS85899-1:2019, Alkali Electrolyte Spill Neutralisation kit, Face shield with Electric Arc Visor and protective bag and lockout station.

ProStore Wall Mount Storage Cabinet.

Ensures controlled access to the specialist EHV safety products whilst protecting and securing your investment. Made in the UK to Technique’s unique design, the ProStore Wall Mount Storage Cabinet has a durable welded construction and incorporates two heavy duty locks (keyed alike)nto ensure security. Powder coated in a durable graphite grey finish from stock, although colours are available for quantity orders. Supplied with ProStore EHV First Aid & PPE Shadow Panel Storage Board (EVP1755) and all the products listed in the First Aid section.

Prostore Rescue Pole Holder & Electric Shock Safety Advice Panel.

Provides convenient storage and accessibility for the Insulated Rescue Pole (supplied separately). Designed by Technique, the panel incorporates electric shock safety advice information and CPR instruction.

Printed on durable 10mm thick polymer panel, measuring 75 x 75cm with premounted clips to hold the Insulated Rescue Pole.