Workshop Safety Signage

EHV Roof Top Warning Sign.

The EHV roof top warning sign is a high visibility warning to all employees of Electric or Hybrid vehicles being present in the workshop. Constructed from durable rigid plastic with foam protected feet to prevent damage to vehicle bodywork. Dimensions: 310mm x 235mm x 3 sides.

EHV Warning Sign with Window Sucker.

The EHV warning sign with window sucker can be easily and securely positioned on a vehicles window to warn others of potential dangers. The design incorporates a “write-in” panel to indicate which technician is in charge of the vehicle. Dimensions: 300mm x 200mm.

EHV Warning Sign For Barrier Chain x3.

The EHV warning sign for barrier chain is easy to deploy with the perfitted “S” hooks. Printed on lightweight but durable polymer panels. Dimensions: 300mm x 200mm.

EHV Warning Sign Pack.

Save over 10% when you purchase the EHV warning sign pack. The pack contains the following:-

  • 1 x EVS7223 (Drivers Door Window Sign.)
  • 1 x RTP7234 (Roof Top Warning Sign.)
  • 1 x BCS3277 (3 x Barrier Chain Signs.)

EHV Safety Procedure Poster.

Printed on durable polymer panel measuring 750 x 500mm. Technique’s EHV safety procedure sign provides essential reminders to keep technicians safe. Ensures the correct sequence is followed to make vehicles safe to work on.

High Voltage Electric Shock Poster.

Technique’s high voltage electric shock poster is printed on a durable polymer panel, measuring 750 x 500mm. Displays an easy to follow casualty assessment guide and CPR instruction.

Save 10% on the EHV SAFETY POSTER 2 PACK

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