Introducing Groove Glove

Groove Glove is a hand held scanner that allows tyre retailers and their customers to easily and quickly understand the wear condition of tyres. Operated wherever a WiFi signal exists it avoids errors and provides sales opportunities for replacement tyres and wheel alignments.

Groove Glove creates a digital customer report that uniquely identifies your customers tyre conditions in real time to help your workshop increase it’s profits.

Five reasons to use Groove Glove

  • Fast – Less than 1 minute per examination.
  • Integrated camera – For licence plate recognition.
  • Accurate – Scans 600 points across each tyre.
  • Flexible – Scan tyres wherever you need to.
  • Transparent – A full TreadSpec report available within seconds.

Download the Groove Glove brochure

Tests take an average of just 1 minute!

Ease Of Use

The Glove is placed on the tyre so that the indicator guidance is well beyond the inside of the tread. Press and hold the two buttons on the sides (a scan buzzer is then emitted) and slide the glove to the outside of the tyre until the guide is outside the edge. Simply release the two buttons and the scan buzzer will stop. This completes the scanning of the tyre.

Should you wish to add any particular notes relevant to the particular wheel scanned such as dot code / tyre size, this can be easily selected from the integrated touch screen. On completion of scanning all the tyres, simply press the submit button to send the collected data to the cloud, have it rapidly analysed and your report printed automatically.

Fully Integrated Device

Groove glove has a built in camera unit which allows you to capture an image of the vehicle number plate. Sophisticated OCR software then lists the vehicle registration number on the treadspec report. Groove glove employs precision twin lasers married to an inertia pack containing accelerometers and gyroscopes. Together they allow for accurate scanning and also alert users of an errors in their scan process to ensure scans are done correctly.

As a fully integrated device with it’s own touchscreen, there is no need for a separate device such as a tablet to operate it. Groove glove has been robustly designed to have no moving parts that require maintenance or calibration.

Cloud Based Software

Each groove glove comes with its own cloud based web suite which provides various dashboards and reports. Some examples of it’s features include:

  • Download and email scan reports to customers.
  • Assess site performance in terms of the number of vehicles scanned, tyres sold, and alignments sold as incentivises for individual staff members.
  • Filter follow up opportunities based on minimum tread wear.

Communicating to the customer

A key feature of the Groove Glove is the cloud based automated report. It is easy to read and analyse tyre and vehicle alignment status and allows you to consistently and professionally educate the customer, further building a relationship based on transparency and trust, the report includes:

  • Recording of vehicle and tyre details.
  • Capture of vehicle registration image.
  • A summary of recommendations based on tyre replacement, alignment and wheel rotation.
  • An analysis for each wheel which includes commentary on alignment, over and under inflation of tyre pressure etc.
  • The impact of the current condition of the tyres on braking efficiency.
  • A completely customisable “traffic light” system of colour bases depicting the level of wear of the vehicles tyres.

30% of all “Yellow” tyres are due for potential replacement in the next few months.

14% of all tyres scanned are “Red” – Having less than the legal tread depth.

More than 50% of all vehicle tyre wear indicates a possible wheel alignment service.

The future of tyre and alignment diagnostics is here!