Brake Testers

Revoloutionary Technology

The new exclusive T8000 range of MOT brake testing equipment represents a step change in performance, operation and ergonomic practicality. The revolutionary totem design incorporates the latest USB and wireless connectivity and is the host and centerpiece for a multitude of MOT tasks whilst also permitting ease of serviceability and remote engineering access.

Options are also available to extend you into Class I and II testing, suspension testing and steering geometry analysis. Everything about the T8000 puts you in ‘touch’ with essential vehicle testing technology to help propel your business into the future to maximise your opportunities and profitability.

Touchscreen Technology

Infa red remote

Colour A4 inkjet printer

20″ LCD display

Model Version Class Brochure
T5410 Analogue 4 Download
T8400 Standard 4 Download
T8400A ATL 4 Download
T5710 Analogue 7 Download
T8700 Standard 7 Download
T8700A ATL 7 Download

All of the above brake testers can be upgraded to test motorcycles. Please contact us for more information.