Oil Equipment

Do you neglect your waste oil tank?

If the answer is yes then you are not alone. Bullworthy’s have noticed an increase in waste oil spillages over the past few years which poses a serious threat to safety and the environment around your workshop. Most of these spillages are from the main bulk waste oil tank being left to overflow due to neglect and failure of practicing simple daily checks.

The tanks are often in cramped storage cupboards, often cram packed with other dirty and unused equipment, leaving very little room to gain access in order to view the tank level gauges. Some tank storage areas are not even part of the main workshop building itself and thus are left completed unattended. We have often witnessed overflow alarms with no power, or have been made completely inoperable due to the lack of basic care, or even structural damage.

Providing precautions and preventing an oil or waste oil spillage is a legal requirement, and for that reason, any oil or waste oil tank should not be subjected to any level of neglect. Here are some simple steps that every vehicle workshop should already have in place:

  • Have an oil/waste oil overflow alarm fitted where it can be heard and seen.
  • Make sure the alarm has an alert klaxon, as well and some form of visual indication (flashing light).
  • Have tank level and bund level gauges fitted.
  • Have a system in place to test the alarm system, and check the levels of the bulk tank/s daily.
  • Record the daily checks and keep them on file.
  • Set up warning signs and labels to remind users to check the gauges and alarms regularly.

If you fall short of any of the above list, Bullworthy’s are on hand to assist you. We can provide a simple survey of your current storage system and advise you of any shortfalls and recommend precautionary systems that should be in place.