NEXU UValve Flow Control Valve

NEX·U® obtains the dispensed volume information from oval gear meters. These meters transmit a pulse per each fraction of volume dispensed. NEX·U® recognizes and processes these pulses to shut down the solenoid valves once the desired volume is reached and to maintain control of inventory and pumps operations.

Meters are placed between the dispense line, not in the hand. This way they are not subject to accidental damage and they cannot be easily by-passed so every drop of fluid delivered counts.

U·valve combines, in a compact unit, a high accuracy pulse meter, a solenoid valve and a large cleanable fluid screen filter with the electronic module required to control the meter and valve operation and to communicate with other system components.

Product Specifications
Wetted Parts Aluminium, NBR, stainless steel, acetal
Applications Lubricants, antifreeze solutions
Connection Threads 1/2″ BSP (F)
Flow Range 1 – 30 l/min
Pulses Per Litre 328 ppl
Accuracy +/- 0,5 %
Maximum Working Pressure 100 bar
Solenoid Valve 24 V DC
Communication CAN bus, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® (U·valve+ only)