Digital body damage inspection

Tchek makes life easier for dealers and their customers. It does this by saving time, avoiding errors and bringing transparency to damage inspection, making processes more efficient and profitable.

Six reasons to use Tchek

  • Fast – 80% quicker than manual inspection.
  • Automated – No manual errors with missed damage.
  • Accurate – Deep learning AI algorithms.
  • Convenient – Deployed inside or outside.
  • Integrate – API for a seemless eVHC process.
  • Transparent – Time stamped to eliminate damage disputes.

The digital future of damage inspection

How does it work?

Step 1: Easy – Drive at normal speed, the inspection is triggered automatically.

Step 2: Fast – Within 5 seconds 600 images are acquired.

Step 3: Report – A complete list of damage is directly synchronised to your dashboard.

Tchek Software

The revoloutionary Tchek software generates detailed reports minutes after the vehicle has entered the workshop such as:

  • All damage by damage catagory reported together with 360° images.
  • Cost calculation provides automated repair quotations.
  • Before and after comparison for check in / check out validation.
  • API to integrate into an existing eVHC process.