Eliminate Errors with TreadReader™

The TreadReader™ DriveOver improves the quality of the tires you measure eliminating errors and uncertainty. Just by passing over the patch, the fully automated system triggers up to 300,000 measuring points, essential to ensure the most accurate tread depth and tire wear readings.

Available in three different configurations, the TreadReader™ DriveOver can be surface-mounted, flush-mounted or can also be integrated with other workshop equipment like lifts, wheel alignment machines, brake testing machines and vehicle inspection lanes.

The TreadReader™ meets the highest vehicle inspection volumes suiting more than workshops, but also the highest traffic-volume retail locations such as public car parks, company or rental fleet.

Measure 300,000 points within 6 seconds

The scan of each tire relies on up to 300,000 measurement points and is used to calculate tread depths with an accuracy of <0.2mm or 0.008”. The 3D models of the tire tread and the calculated depths can be viewed on TreadManager™, instantly, a PDF report is generated containing vehicle identification, 3D tire scans with color-coded tread warning and error alarms for every axle/tire position, print or e-mail out the report raising your customer’s trust.

TreadReader™ – Automatic Drive Over Tyre Inspection

TreadManager™ – Connect, view, share and integrate

Fully integrated with TreadReader™ HandHeld or DriveOver, the TreadManager™ is a cloud-based tire management platform designed to improve your service productivity and boost sales. It analyses the tire scans, calculates tread depths and generates the 3D renderings. Plus, stores the scan, car and tire data in a professional way also allowing the service managers to visualize reports on the number of vehicles scanned, technician activity as well as sales opportunities for tires and wheel alignment.

On a desktop monitor or tablet, easily share the reports with customers enhancing tire replacement or related services authorizations. Predict tire lifetime and build trust with customers by helping them take informed decisions about tire replacement.

Technical Specification

Description Specification
Surface mount (W x L x H) 2200 x 1800 x 97mm (86.5 x 71 x 3.5″)
Flush mount (W x L x H) 2380 x 1330 x 10mm (94 x 52.5 x 0.4″)
Laser Class Class 3R
Maximum scan width 2 x scan zones of 600mm ≈ 23.6”
Cross section of tyre measured (min) 35-50mm ≈ 1.4-2”
Measurement accuracy < 0.2mm
Direction Measures leading edge of the tire
Maximum vehicle speed 6.5-13 km/h ≈ 4-8mph
Cycle time within permitted speed range 12-15 secs
Power Mains (110 – 220VAC, 1A) for Control Cabinet, with (12VDC, 2A) supplied to the ramp
Measurement trigger Mechanical
Maximum axle weight 2500Kg
Environmental rating for ramp IP67
Operating temperature range 0°C – 50°C ≈ 32°F – 122°F
Communication Ethernet
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