Tyre Tread Reader

Immediate vehicle diagnosis.

The Technique T2800 Treadreader is a fully automated, drive-over tyre measuring and scanning system that’s easy to use and incredibly fast. Even before the driver exits the vehicle, all tyre and wheel diagnostics are available. Technqiues Treadreader software does it all! Within seconds, uneven tread wear can be analysed and captured for the customer with zero technician labour involved. Easily track and record the need for wheel alignment, suspension adjustments or a new set of tyres. The diagnostic report provides the data your customers need for immediate or future sales and service.

Trolley system complete with PC for direct access to customer data.

Diagnosis reveals unseen tyre wear and possible need for wheel alignment and suspension analysis.

Zoom function also allows technician to select each tyre for more detailed analysis.

Access test results quickly with a secure customer data bank.