Summer is here!

The new 28-page summer edition of the Super Deals is crammed full of only the very best equipment available in the trade, from some of the foremost leading manufacturers.

Heavy duty toolboxes!

Feel the power of superior functionality and jaw dropping aesthetics with Truesteels new heavy-duty toolboxes! Don’t settle for anything less in your workshop!

Bespoke as standard!

Two British companies have forged a partnership that amalgamates the many years of project and cabinet experience at BULLWORTHY, with the unique design and production facilities within TRUESTEEL.

The future of tyre and alignment diagnostics!

Groove Glove is a hand held scanner that allows tyre retailers and their customers to easily and quickly understand the wear condition of tyres.


The unique TECHNIQUE T3300 series is equipped with an adjustable lifting platform, with a choice of two lifting capacities, to aid in disassembling vehicle battery packs, engines and transmissions.

Technique T3300 Series Scissor Lift

The worlds most trusted vehicle lift manufacturer

The electro-hydraulic 4-post lifts of the SM series are available in numerous variants. Wide, stable tracks. Precise wheel alignment kit, optionally available. Suitable for all cars and vans with long wheelbase.

Rotary four post lift

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Supporting British Manufacturing

Bullworthy Garage Equipment demonstrates a steadfast commitment to supporting British manufacturing by sourcing and promoting products made within the UK. By prioritising British-made equipment, Bullworthy reinforces its dedication to sustaining the manufacturing sector and reducing carbon footprints through shorter supply chains. Their efforts contribute significantly to the resilience and growth of the national industry, underlining their role as a pivotal player in the promotion and success of British manufacturing.

More than just an equipment supplier

Bullworthy, specialists in garage equipment and workshop design, is now in its fifth decade of trading within the industry. With a wealth of experience, extensive product knowledge and a fresh professional approach, you are assured of being offered the correct equipment for the task required. Whether your business is a frontline independent workshop or part of a larger dealer group, Bullworthy can offer the highest standard in workshop equipment to suit all budgets.

Over Three Decades Of Experience

For the larger projects, Bullworthy have a dedicated Design and Projects team. Working with your Principle Contractor and Architect, Bullworthy will aim to ensure that the workshop is delivered on time and on budget. Click below to take a closer look at some examples of our previous projects.

Premium Branding

Bullworthy will only offer recognised premium workshop equipment. Premium brands not only ensure the highest possible standard for products, but will prove more reliable and efficient in use, reduce the cost of long-term ownership and will, most importantly, generally be safer to use. Exceeding the tight demands of CE approval, and having endured rigorous factory proving and field testing, are examples of the criteria inherent in the equipment we offer.

Bullworthy are pleased to be able to offer the exclusive ‘Technique’ range of garage equipment products. Technique, offers state of the art and prestigious MOT testing installations, a full range of car and commercial lifting products, tyre equipment, exhaust and dust extraction systems, jacking equipment, lubrication and compressed air systems, and workshop furniture.

Technique, is a brand that has more than twenty years of industry approval. Specifically selected, tested and maintained by ‘Trade Garage Equipment’, of which Bullworthy form a leading part of the partnership, enabling complete UK wide coverage for sales and service.

Experts In Workshop Furniture

Bullworthy and TrueSteel® have forged a new exiting partnership for high quality, British made, custom built workshop furniture solutions enabling an almost limitless design.