Safety Air Cut

Do you worry about oil spills, environmental pollution, insurance claims or fines and potentially interruptions to your work?

A burst pipe or hose could result in 1,000s of litres of oil all over your workshop floor or worse!

Unless someone disconnects your oil pumps or turns off and drains the compressed air receiver at night your oil system is just like the water pipes in your house. Under pressure all the time, it only requires a hose to burst or a valve to break for the entire contents of your oil storage tank to be pumped out, flooding your workshop and running into the drains and pits.

5 litres of oil on the workshop floor makes a large puddle, just imagine what 500 or 1000 litres will do.

The AirCut system automatically cuts off the air to all your oil pumps at the end of the day from one convenient point and shows you at a glance that the system is shut down. You no longer have to rely on human memory.

The AirCut system has been designed to be easily retrofitted to an existing system without any changes to the oil pipework. The single pneumatic control box will automatically isolate all your oil pumps but still allow the compressed air system to be left pressurised for any other work.

You can set up the timer control to suit your normal daily working patterns, and if oil is needed outside the programmed hours a simple “boost” override allows the pumps to be turned on for up to one hour before they go off again automatically.

Introducing The Safety Air Cut

Easily retrofitted, the AirCut system allows you to automatically shut off the air to all pumps from one convenient point (without relying on human memory) and to see at a glance that the system is shut down.

The AirCut system comprises:

  • Timer Control Box – mounted in a convenient location adjacent to a mains power outlet. This controls the times when oil dispensing is allowed and has a visual indicator to show when the system is running.
  • Air-Block Valve – mounted directly on each pump.
Product Code Kit Contents Price
AC100 Single pump system with Timer Control Box and Air-Block valve. POA
AC200 2 pump system with Timer Control Box and 2 Air-Block valves. POA
AC300 3 pump system with Timer Control Box and 3 Air-Block valves. POA
AC400 4 pump system with Timer Control Box and 4 Air-Block valves. POA