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10,000 Rotary Lifts supplied in the UK, and counting!

Bullworthy, along with their fellow Trade Garage Equipment Group associates, are celebrating a remarkable landmark achievement within the garage equipment industry. Following a successful year in 2020, even despite the uncertainty the thrust upon us all earlier in that same year, Trade Garage Equipment surpassed an unrivalled achievement of 10,000 Rotary vehicle lifts supplied and fitted into the UK marketplace. TGE are Rotary’s largest UK combined group distributor. Each member has shown their loyalty to the brand for over 20 years, originating and developing the Rotary lift market everyone acknowledges today.

We have a full range of variants of lifting equipment available including four post, two post, scissor, single post, and in-ground lifts. A wide range of products and prices means that it is very important to be clear about your intended purchase. Will the lift work satisfactorily and safely with the range of vehicle types you envisage?

This is especially important for off-road vehicles and larger vans where lift strength and stability are essential. Is the cost of ownership important? If it is, then remember that hydraulic lifts invariably last longer, are generally more reliable and tend to cost significantly less to keep than mechanical lifts. If the name on the lift is not the manufacturers, what are the long-term guarantees for service? As always, check that the lift has been CE approved.


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