Sliding Extraction Systems

Sliding vehicle exhaust extraction systems are the most flexible and innovative systems available on the market. They consist of an aluminium extractor rail on which the sliding elements run: hose-holding trolleys, hose reels, and the innovative touchless arms.

WORKY realizes ducts and sliding elements, separately, exhaust extraction sliding systems and fully assembled extraction systems, Ready Kits, available in the most used measures in the bodyshops. As not all the engines of the vehicles in the workshop will be started at the same time, a pair of sliding elements can cover many work areas by being slided to the required working place.

Costs are optimized and extraction takes place where it is really needed. The sliding system for exhaust fume extraction is not at all encroaching, which is a great advantage, because technicians and repairers can keep working above the area without creating an obstacle or hindering work. A centralized suction will expel the exhaust into the atmosphere by the sliding systems.



Extruded aluminium rails consisting of modular 4m bars with 2 rubber lip. Download

Sliding elements

Sliding elements designed to extract exhaust fumes from many work positions along the aluminium rail. Download

Ready kits

Mini systems with an overhead rail and sliding elements in the lengths most commonly used in workshops. Download